Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2011, 19-29 May



You must control technology or it will control you.
It is unintelligible intelligence.

Inherently skeptical, techno-paranoids foster a deep distrust towards technology and harbour a belief that technology is out to get them, personally.


Tech is Irritably Predictable.
Techno-apologetics see the reliability of technology as a true manifestation of sod’s law / Murphy’s law – that when you need it most, it will fail you.


A. Techno-citizen
It is a conformist system for civilisation.
Gladly accepting membership of a technology driven world, Techno-Citizens conform and don’t reflect too much.

B. Techno-centrics
It empowers me.
Well aware that technology holds the key to information, self expression and social connection, Techno-centrics use technology to build a world where the self they want to express is at the center.

C. Techno-adopters
It assists me in my life.
Choosing the path of least resistance, Techno-adopters accept technology as a necessary part of this journey.


Technology is Intimate.
Forming a close relationship with Technology, Techno-Intimates embrace it like a companion.


Technology is of a different nature.
Perceiving technology as foreign and incomprehensible, Techno-Xeno-Phobes fear it.

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