Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2011, 19-29 May


Dear Visitor,

We would like to offer you the unique opportunity to meet with our Man-Machine Relationship consultants. The consultants are available during a limited time; between May 19th – 29th.

Prospective visitors may make an appointment here or in person. You can choose which consultant you would like to speak with, or you will be assigned the next available consultant.

The consultancy session takes about 15 minutes, and consists of a series of questions asked by the consultant, and a short discussion around those questions. After the session has ended, a statement will be sent out, with a text to read, or an action to take.

A visitor has the right to leave at any time during the session. Also please note that you may be selected for the next Man-Machine Affairs case study to occur later in 2011.

Thank you in advance,
Nina Bačun and Anders Mellbratt
Man-Machine Affairs Consultancy